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World Cup betting big business in Asia

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 7, 2010

World Cup betting big business in Asia

People like a flutter and betting on football matches is big business, but in parts of Asia it is illegal and police across the region are cracking down ahead of the World Cup.

Tens of millions of dollars is expected to be wagered over the month-long football festival in South Africa on everything from who will win, to who scores the first goal or gets booked.

A Cheap replica designer handbags for sale! Thousands of quality fashion handbags available!large slice of this will change hands at market stalls or in underground gambling dens, often run by organised crime syndicates, and more still on online gambling websites, with thousands now available.

In Muslim Malaysia, where European football is hugely popular, sports betting was made legal this month to the New and cheap authentic replica designer handbags and louis vuitton purses arrived!ire of conservative Islamists, but the licenses will not be You will see a colorful and wonderful world with a kaleidoscope.ready in time for the World Cup.

With the Malaysian illegal sports betting market thought to be as much as 20 billion ringgit per annum (6.2 billion US), huge sums will be wagered during the tournament.

Police have set up a special taskforce to monitor online gambling activities.

“We will conduct raids on any outlet offering online betting. Such raids will be conducted regularly,” Zainuddin Yaakob, a local police chief in southern Johor state said.

Zainuddin said from January to early April We have all kinds of Tiffany jewelry.some 1,700 computers were seized and 32 people arrested following raids in the state capital Johor Baharu.

In South Korea, government-listed firm Sports Toto holds the only license for betting on sports events, including the World Cup, handing over 25 percent of sales to the government.

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