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But Chinese lights rule

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 7, 2010

But Chinese lights rule

What would festival of lights be without lights and `diyas’. Unlike crackers, there is no restriction on lighting up a thousand lamps that dazzle against the backdrop of a dark `amavasya’ night, lending an ethereal glow to one’s house.

“Lighting the house is one of the most important part of decoration and celebration,” said Ramesh Singh, busy searching for the best deal. The markets are flooded with lights from the land of dragon, blinking a danger signal for the Indian-made `jhallars’. “Indian lights have completely vanished from the market… When it comes to lights people prefer the Chinese ones. Lucknow is one of the biggest market for electric lights…Therefore, there is at least one new item in the market every year,” said Sharanjeet Arora, owner of an electrical shop at La Touche Road.

Like last year,Wholesale products from cheap wholesale designer handbags. high on sales were the gel lights varying in colours from red to green to that describes how to tell a cheap handbags.pink and blue. These lights can be bought at an affordable price. This time one can also buy LED bulbs inside the Chinese rope lights. A coil of 40 metres can You can get your favorite coach bags from any replica coach which can provide you best service.be picked up at Rs 2,000 from the electrical shops.

The only thing Indian about the Chinese lights are their interesting names. New and cheap authentic replica designer handbags and louis vuitton purses arrived!There is `magic’ light that exhibits a change in colour within a short span of time. `Damru lights’ with countless mini bulbs in a row is another attraction. Easy on the pockets, these lights can be bought at Rs 60 per piece (per piece includes near about 40 bulbs). The four in one `Crystal gola’ exhibits various hues of red, green, orange and blue.

Other varieties available in the market include `Flower jaal’and `Pearl strip’ that can be combined with the rope lights to cover an entire building.

This Diwali day, the city is sure to glitter and shine as soon as the sun sets in what with so many options available to decorate the houses. Surely, a nice way to invite the goddess of wealth into your home.

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