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Go Green, Save Green

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 9, 2010

Go Green, Save Green

Steven is an 8-year resident of Fort Greene. He founded One-Earth.com and works to promote sustainability in the Cheap replica designer handbags for sale! Thousands of quality china wholesale available!neighborhood.

It’s easy to spend money in Fort Greene. There are a lot of great businesses in the neighborhood and many of them are expensive (remember Urban Spring’s $9.50 smoothie?).

But there are also some green deals to be had. Here’s a roundup of six sustainable steals in the hood:

Half-Off Veggie Sandwiches

Every night between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m.Find complete details about cheap jersey Velour Terry Tracksuits from gotowholesale., Greene Grape Provisions sells vegetarian sandwiches for half off the regular price of $6.99. At $3.50, they’re a great deal in any neighborhood. Greene Grape Provisions, 753 Fulton Street. (718) 233-2700

Free Tote Bag

Spend over $50 on any of Feliz’s sustainable, socially-responsible products and you can carry your pieces All the boys dream that they should have different styles of Louis vuitton bags which can show their refined taste.home (if they can fit) in a free recycled tote bag. Feliz, 185 DeKalb Best replica shop online is proud to present more than 5000 replica handbags products.Avenue. (718) 797-1211

$.25 Off Coffee

Bring in your own cup to Bittersweet and receive 25 cents off your coffee. We know it doesn’t seem like much, but that can add up if you get a coffee every day. It’ll also give you the chance to splurge your savings on Bittersweet’s delectable pastries or ice cream. Bittersweet, 180 DeKalb Avenue. (718) 852-2556

Free Local Beer

Every Monday night at Madiba, when you buy one Brooklyn Lager, you get one free. That second ice-cold brew will go well with one of Madiba’s organic, locally grown salads or any of the other options on Madiba’s South African-inspired menu. Madiba, 195 DeKalb Avenue. (718) 855-9190

Fifteen-Percent Discount on Organic Wine

If you buy wine by the case at Thirst Wine Merchants, you can save 15 percent on your purchase. Thirst sells “slow wine,” made from vineyards without pesticides or herbicides, and without chemical additives or added flavors in the cellar. Their wines are made from grapes grown in low-yielding vineyards farmed sustainably, organically or bio-dynamically. Thirst Wine Merchants, 187 DeKalb Avenue.

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