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Call to end CD sales loophole

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 9, 2010

Call to end CD sales loophole

Small business are calling on the government to change the law to stop the sale of VAT-free CDs from Jersey by major supermarket chains Asda and Tesco.You can get your favorite coach bags from any replica coach which can provide you best service.
Asda began its offshore operation two The Louis Vuitton handbags online store has gotten the 2010 hot new products.weeks ago, with its entire 140,000 CD, DVD and video lines for sale.
Tesco has been selling chart CDs from Jersey since last December, and both have reported strong interest in their products.
Jersey has no VAT on goods sold there, and, as long as items cost less than ¡ê18 and are posted individually, Revenue & Customs cannot impose tax when the goods are brought into mainland UK.
The supermarket giants say they are simply giving their customers the best deal they can and that they will comply with any future changes in the law.I have a special feeling about Prada handbags, because the bags have ever brought me beautiful memory.
During a Parliamentary debate in February it was stated that the Treasury is currently losing ¡ê80m a year from retailers operating “offshore” and that could soon reach ¡ê200m a year.
The Treasury says it has the matter “under review”.
‘Dire need’

Meanwhile, small retailers in the High Street say they cannot compete with the low cost CDs being sold from Jersey by Tesco and Asda.
At present Asda Entertainment is selling Coldplay’s X And Y album for ¡ê8.47, and Tesco for ¡ê8.99, both prices including postage. This is lower than the majority of High Street retailers.
“This latest venture by Asda has got New and cheap authentic replica designer handbags and louis vuitton purses arrived!to be the final straw, it is becoming utterly absurd,” says the Forum of Private Business’ (FPB) chief executive Nick Goulding.
“The supermarket giants are now slugging it out against each other charging these ridiculously cheap prices, by exploiting the Jersey loophole, that the High Street simply cannot compete with.”

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