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If The Shoe Fits …

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 13, 2010

If The Shoe Fits …

I don’t like to complain all the time, but that’s what I do Offering electronic cigarette and accessories.for a living, and I’m lucky because there’s so much to complain about.

I was getting dressed the other morning and I got thinking about how bad shoes are. I wish our smartest people would stop reinventing our computers every three days, and pay attention to something basic like shoes.

You see people walking along the street all the time, and you know darn well they’re wearing shoes that don’t fit.

No one has two feet that are exactly the same, either, but when you buy a pair of shoes, they’re both the same. Seems wrong.

Who are shoe stores trying to kid, making women think this is the shape of their feet? These shoes aren’t the shape of anyone’s foot.

Recently, the people who make sneakers have been doing a better job than the people who make shoes. It used to be that you wore sneakers in the gym; now people wear them everywhere.

The shoe business must be good anyway though, because we all buy more shoes than we wear. We keep looking for that perfect pair. Our New and cheap authentic replica designer handbags and louis vuitton purses arrived!closets runneth over with shoes. I must have 20 pairs of shoes I don’t wear, but they cost so much, I can’t stand to throw them out.

Whatever made me think I’d wear these? These seemed like a good idea when I bought them, but I’ve worn them about three times in 10 years.

All these shoes are either funny-looking, or they don’t fit. Authentic juicy couture bag and accessories for sale at great prices.These are a size 8-1/2, but my feet are a size 9-1/2. How come I’m not as tall as I used to be, but my feet are longer?

I never understood why my shoe size is 9-1/2 and my sock size is 11, either.

You’d think short shoes would be cheaper than long ones, too — not as much in them – but they aren’t. All the girls will be moved to tears when seeing the abercrombie shirts at their birthday parties.People with short feet are subsidizing people with long feet. It seems unfair.

Someone tried it years ago, but I think eventually all shoe stores will have something you put your feet into that measures them and then instantly forms a pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly.
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