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Learning to cycle with Sir Chris Hoy

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 13, 2010

Learning to cycle with Sir Chris Hoy

The bunch of seven-year-olds start to stare, and then whisper, before the boldest one pipes up: “Oi. Are you Chris Hoy?”

“Yes, I am,” chuckles the Scotsman, before he escorts me through the breeze-block lobby, a chipped Guide dog for the blind collection statue, a Nineties-era coffee machine and on to the track of one of the great stadiums of the world: the Manchester Velodrome.

This is home to one of the most amazing success stories in British sport. From this building, filled with school children doing their PE lessons, Britain produced the most astonishing haul of medals at the Beijing Olympics. The cycling team won eight gold, four silver and two bronze medals. This is a success rate that puts even Chinese gymnasts and Armenian All the girls will be moved to tears when seeing the abercrombie shirts at their birthday parties.weightlifters to shame, the type of glory the English football team can only dream of. And one man won three of the golds.

A decade ago it would have been inconceivable that a bunch of school children could recognise a cyclist, but Sir Chris is one of the best-known sportsmen in the country. Even my five-year-old can name him, thanks in part to his appearing on the back of boxes of a well-known brand of bran flakes. “Yes, I do have them for breakfast,” he answers before I’ve finished my apologetic,A family without children will not be happy and complete, so it is necessary for you to know how to ray ban sunglasses in the shortest time. “I’m afraid my children want to know..that describes how to tell a cheap handbags..”

He’s promised to show me how to race around a velodrome, and I suddenly feel deeply inadequate, like those posturing Frenchmen one sees on holiday: plink-plonking in their silly cycle shoes, sporting bumbags and over-tight Lycra.

Sir Chris Are you in search of some coach handbags outlet store?looks the part in his skin-tight outfit, which shows off a body produced by 4,000 calories of bran flakes and no rest: he even went to the gym every day on his recent honeymoon. It seems rude to stare at his physique, but it’s hard not to when his legs seem carved from marble.

I, on the other hand, have eaten too much lunch. My shoes have metal cleats that are clipped into the tiny pedals and are impossible to walk in. Then there is the problem of the bike with no brakes. The only way to stop is to slow down, eventually grabbing the handle bar that runs around the edge of the track like a child at an ice rink. If you stop pedalling, the pedals jerk violently against your legs, forcing you to keep on turning.

Finally, there is the question of the sloping track, which banks at an angle of 45 degrees. Go slower than 20 miles an hour when you are high up on the slope and you tumble, still strapped into your bike.
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