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Konka HD upgrade first expanded store

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 20, 2010

Konka HD upgrade first expanded store

Surreal schedule it to gold, tied up the title of the year all the big brands have large floor to “The Banquet” beginning, “Curse of the Golden Flower” successor, lasted nearly six months of the audio-visual feast, Among the many New Year Movies pushed into the climax.

However, the sensational effect Come on ! Just look for a fashionable canvas tote bag on yourself own.with large contrast, the placement of the sponsor has a large light irradiation in quite some seem bleak. According to marketing industry veteran observed, in the eyes of economic times, the previous time-tested marketing has been lackluster bundled, and will be replaced into more interactive elements of marketing.

Recently, the reporter learned that, once known to a large title “Lord of the Rings – Return of the King” and “The Promise”, to successfully produce high-definition digital TV image of Konka, in the other brands are still interested in bundled sales, the pursuit of eye effect, the order in hand New Year movie “Call for Love” as a starting point, quietly launched a new And for the first time, he let me know that life is not complete with only fancy cars, Brand name shoes and my big dreams.model of integrated marketing interactive entertainment, set the tone for the emerging digital home entertainment market.

Interactive entertainment to promote Marketing Innovation

Market analysis, in recent years, Konka and other domestic brands closely around the value of marketing route, depth and expand brand value, marketing models also continue to innovate.

KONKA Multimedia Marketing Management Department, said Deputy General Manager Zhu Zhongqing, the current industry, new model of marketing innovation, will be interactive entertainment as the core, integration, including film, television, internet, mobile media, mobile media, audio-visual publishing more kinds of communication channels to create gucci bags, one of the most fashionable designer handbag.high-definition products to cheap nba jerseys can not only make you look more beautiful but Save yourmoney.consumers of interactive entertainment platform for the wholesale ray ban sunglassesin cheap price, get discount from ray ban sunglasses wholesaler that be recommended by many importerappeal.

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