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Points to Consider When Using Tote Odds

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 22, 2010

Points to Consider When Using Tote Odds

This article will explain the main details of one of the betting systems that is often used by punters who are just starting out in betting on the horses. There are some important points to consider when placing your money with the Tote, as you are about to find out.

For the inexperienced punter or novice, betting on the Tote can offer a slightly easier way to get your money on the horse that you fancy. There are typically Tote outlets dotted around each and every racecourse, so finding one is not A family without children will not be happy and complete, so it is necessary for you to know how to ray ban sunglasses in the shortest time.a problem.

They are often strategically placed near to the racecourses busiest areas, such as their bars and restaurants, so they are convenient to get to and they are generally easy to spot, with their large signs pointing the way.

As far as the beginner is concerned, the betting systems used by the Tote are generally easy to follow, and their staff are always on hand to help. Betting on the Tote couldn’t be easier, you just tell the cashier or member of staff which horse you would like to back and you New and cheap authentic replica designer handbags and louis vuitton purses arrived!hand over your money, its that simple.

What Options Does The Tote Offer?

Some of betting systems that the Tote offer are as follows:

> Win singles – where you bet on one horse and it must win the race

> Each-way bets – where your horse can either win the race or finish in one of the predetermined places for the race

> A forecast bet – where you have to pick the winner and runner up

> A trifecta bet – where you’ll need to select the first, second and third place horses

There are several others too, but this is gives you a flavour for the variety of betting systems and options that are offered by the Tote.

How Does The Tote Differ From Using A Regular Bookmaker?

The principal difference between a China Massage cushion catalog and Massage Cushion manufacturer directory.punter betting with the Tote and using the bookmakers that you find in the betting ring at the course, is that with a bookie you know exactly what price you are getting and you generally have the choice to ‘guarantee’ or what is known as ‘take the price’.

This is not the case when you bet with the Tote, as it is what is called pool betting.

Pool Betting is a type of betting system whereby the sum of all the money gambled on a particular bet, so for example on a single win – goes into a pool. The Tote then takes out its percentage of those funds and then the rest of the pool is divided between the winning tickets.

The Tote odds are very often similar to those offered by the on-course bookmakers, mainly because most punters will be keenly watching both, so as . Many young women who have a high social status adore chanel bags very much.not to allow one to be overly different to the other.

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