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BEHOLD! The lowly Turnsignal.

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 23, 2010

BEHOLD! The lowly Turnsignal.
Recently I have been considering the turnsignal. “Recently” means this year. Early in the spring when my morning commute was mostly in the dark, another rider signaled for a turn. I knew that his front turn signal was on as the flash off the cage in front of him showed that he had a bright light and a proper flash rate. Yet, I could These Led bulbs usually are free of mercury, which helps in avoiding environmental disposal issuesnot see any flashing rear turnsignal?

As he rode away in front of me, his bike looked stock. But I could see no sign of his rear turnsignal. About twenty feet out, I finally spot what looks like a lone yellow/orange LED flashing at his front turn signal rate. Because I had to make the same turn, we met at the next red light and exchanged a few words about his turnsignal.

Me: “Hey! you know that your rear turnsignal (T/S) is barely visible in this gloomy light?”

Him: “Sorta”

Me: “Traffic doesn’t act weird around you because they can’t see the T/S?”

Him: “Not that I notice.”

Me: “I got LED signals on the back of my bike and, I swear, traffic must find them impossible to see. It looks like you only have one bulb to my 16. And one of The Cable Ties are sold really fast among the celebrities.my LEDs has only 3 bulbs still working in it. You say that your’s are adequate for your riding?”

Him: “Yep.”

Me, as the light was about to change and he was turning but I was going straight, “Ok. Have a good trip.”

Later sculpture are great work of art that many people recognize(a coupla months), I ride behind a similar bike in the sunny noontime that makes a left. Sure enough, he too has a lone LED for a rear T/S. If I hadn’t known what to look for, I never would have seen his T/S blinking. Both bikes were pure sport bikes. And the lone rear T/S was located about 12-16 inches forward of the end of the tailpiece, one on each side. This placement plastic card Systems is a leader in plastic ID card and badge printing technology,means that following traffic must be a long way to the rear to see the T/S on the off side of the bike. Neither of these riders were using turning handsignals. Even the custom bike builders put better (read, more visible) rear T/S LEDs on their creations.

My “Previously Owned” Sprint ST came with LED lights on the rear. Who knows why the stockers were discarded? The taillight/brakelight has about 20 bulbs that may or may not be barely adequate. Traffic rolls up behind me pretty fast and gives me every belief that I am not seen very well. My reflective gear may be saving me more than the tail/brake light. I do not want to take off my reflective gear for experimental purposes. But, I am given to flashing my brake light at red lights while traffic rolls up behind me. Likewise, my rear T/S have 16 LED bulbs per side.Using promotional usb can have serious consequences for the user and for others.

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