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Demand for alligator skin plummets

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 23, 2010

Demand for alligator skin plummets

As conspicuous consumption loses some of its cachet during the recession, the swamp’s most conspicuous consumers have less to fear from humans.Major retailers agree to limit lead in cheap handbags, other fashion accessories to settle lawsuit.

Instead of taking the half-million alligator eggs from marshes and swamps that they had in recent years, alligator farmers are expected to pull in 30,000 this year, with a final tally in December. And state wildlife officials expect the 2009 harvest of adult gators, which begins Aug. 26, to amount to a small fraction of last year’s 35,500.He strolls past window displays of Rolex watches and gucci bags and a real estate office.

Nobody’s buying, said Rapides Parish nuisance-alligator control officer Ron Guy. He’s among more than 60 people around the state who get called if a gator wanders out of its bayou and into a local golf course or backyard. Their pay is the right to sell the skins.

Gators brought Louisiana farmers and hunters $71 million in 2007, modest revenue even at that peak. This year, revenue is expected to be closer to $10 million in 2009, a drop like locals say they’ve never seen.

“My father was in the fur and alligator business. I started buying fur and alligators when I was 13 years old,” said Wayne Sagrera, 65, who has about 75,000 alligators at Vermilion Gator Farm Inc. in Abbeville. “I’ve seen some slowdowns. But nothing to compare to this.”Companies to distribute master copies of books, magazines and newspapers to customers in china wholesale electronic publications and receive the same conditions and charges as Chinese companies.

People who are still buying expensive accessories have shifted away from conspicuous consumption — for instance, Jimmy Choo is selling obvious faux-crocodile as well as the real thing, fashion consultant Robert Burke said.

“There’s certainly a sensitivity in the luxury market of anything that is too much luxury, and alligator would fit into that category,” Burke said.

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