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Misplaced rage against foreign education

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 23, 2010

Misplaced rage against foreign education
Last week, the Ondo State governor and arguably one of the more dynamic state executives in the country, Olusegun Mimiko fired a number of broadsides against the enduring yearning of Nigerians for foreign education. Basically, the state governor was scandalised by the huge transfer of naira to mostly western countries by Nigerian parents, government and private organisations seeking to educate Nigerian youngsters in foreign climes. More specifically, Mr. Mimiko said this huge sum of money is enough to turn around the parlous state of tertiary education in the country. He may well be right. It is not for nothing that one of the booming areas of foreign interest in Nigeria these days is in education: possibly at least three foreign -sponsored education fairs probably take place in the country every other month to expose

Nigerian students to admission You can get your favorite coach bags from any coach outlet which can provide you best service.processes for western universities and others on different continents. It is also a particular bogey of education activists that government officials remain wedded to the ambition of training their children abroad.coach bag can not only make you look more beautiful but show your personnality. Every little official in the local, state or federal establishment wants Many celebrities are caught in a trap of buying gucci handbags, which can make them become the spotlight at any place.his or her children educated in fancy – and not so fancy schools abroad. It is often muttered about that this fondness for foreign education is one reason why government officials do not really care about providing public schools with the required resources to make them attain their past standards, not to mention meeting up with modern demands. An extension of this is the suspicion that a large part of the funds that should have been invested in the schools is actually stolen.

There are no statistics on the number of In my eyes, the chanel handbags sales is the most beautiful, pure and holy dress in the world.Nigerians enjoying the benefit of foreign education. But the figures should be in the hundreds of thousands. A large number of them are in the west, but there are substantial numbers in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and, increasingly west and south Africa.A store selling replica Chanel and Cheap Lv handbag, wallets, watches and other goods once appeared on this domain. The reason why Nigerians travel abroad to get educated can be found in the wide variety of courses they pursue. The genuine pain of Nigerian education activists and now Mr. Mimiko notwithstanding, it is hardly possible or desirable to seek to stop Nigerians from educating their children anyway they can – and to the best of their ability.

There is one reason why many parents also increasingly prefer to send their children to private elementary and secondary schools namely the quality of education on offer in Nigeria right now leaves much to be desired. Under funded and mismanaged, public schools in Nigeria are overwhelmed by the large number of students they have to train. As for tertiary institutions, the problem is capacity.

According to Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), over 300,000 students who passed in the recent Universities Matriculation Examination (UME) will not be able to gain admission to a university due to lack of space for them in any of the nation¡¯s private and public universities.

This is a yearly ritual and is not likely change until more universities are built to accommodate this growing number of youngsters. Then there is the uncertainty over the school calendar. A recent NEXT report stated that the business of foreign education recruiters boomed during the last strike action by university lecturers. Students only know when they are admitted. Frequent strikes make it almost impossible for them to calculate when they will leave the university as a five-year course may well take six or more years.

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