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Prada Fairy Bag, Artwork of Fashion

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 23, 2010

Prada Fairy Bag, Artwork of Fashion

I am sitting here perusing fashion magazines on a winter morning, with gorgeous sunshine penetrating through glass
windows, poring inside on everything cold and boring, but growing them warmth and life in a If you are looking for a faux Coach handbag that is going to my stroesplit second. Myriad pictures of Prada Fairy bag bumped into my sight and brought me into meditation of the last spring runway¡¯s hottest darling, coincidently like the sunshine reminding me of warm yet far spring.
You may agree that in This is a hobo from the Lacoste tshirt collection.this era, we are dulled by identical mass production and info-overloaded by communication instrument. We need a little space to be self-centered for a while, daydreaming and fantasying, falling into wonderland. James Jean whose art covers Prada bags spring collection is a Non woven Bag Australia supply non wovenbags of all descriptions to Industry and Government Departments world widfamous comic artist. Not handbags alone, dresses and shoes bear the iconic fairy illustration which is a faerie world of fairies, nymphs, sprites and mysterious jungles, making up a fairy tale or mythical land for grown-ups in real life. James Jean¡¯ comic art successfully collaborated with internationally renowned fashion house Prada, which is another amazing marriage of commerce and fine art. The head of Prada, Miuccia contributed a lot to this remarkable success. She is always ¡®tying to find a new creativity¡¯ and commissioned artists to do illustrations for her collections.

This bag is an Buy handbag please find China handbags supplier.art, which means it is destined to be collected and treasured. Crafted from the luscious deerskin leather, with most refined craftsmanship, Prada Fairy bag is worth much admiring and drooling.kobe basketball shoes moving transport member’s favorite. The magical and delicate fairy illustration is the soul of this bag. The hues are plum, black and earth vividly with a slight shimmer of the deerskin background. With fairies, nymphs on the forest glade, this bag is infused with life and spirit. The bag is designed in a simple shape with dual top handles, but looks enchanting and majestic in whole. As it is to be adored and treasured, certainly it needs to be handled carefully. However, you don¡¯t have to get jittery about water, dirt and others, because there is a protective treatment coated on the exterior. Hence, you always feel easy, breezy and elegant with this wonderful bag.

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