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How Light Dimmer The Cable Ties are sold really fast among the celebrities.Switches Work

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 26, 2010

How Light Dimmer The Cable Ties are sold really fast among the celebrities.Switches Work
Light dimming is based on adjusting the voltage that gets to the lamp to emit only small amount of light. Light dimming has been possible for many decades by using adjustable power resistors and adjustable transformers. Electronics controlling also made possible to make them easily controllable from remote location.

Most homes have lamps or fixtures that can be made brighter or dimmer by rotating or sliding a control on their on-off switch. Years ago, this was done using a device called a rheostat–a large variable resistor. This method wasted electricity and generated a lot of heat. To control the amount of energy going to the light the rheostat had to throw a lot away, turning it into heat. For example, at half brightness a 100-watt bulb would waste about 20 watts to heat in plastic card Systems is a leader in plastic ID card and badge printing technology,the rheostat.

Early light dimmer switches had a pretty straightforward solution to adjusting light levels — a variable resistor. An ordinary resistor is a piece of material that doesn’t conduct electrical current well — it offers a lot of resistance to moving electrical charge. A variable resistor consists of a piece of resistive material, a stationary contact arm and a moving contact arm.

As charge works to move through the resistor, energy is lost in the form of heat.An optic isolator, or optical diode, is an optical component which allows the transmission of light in only one direc When you put a resistor in a series circuit, the resistor’s energy consumption causes a voltage drop in the circuit, decreasing the energy available to other loads (the light bulb). Decreased voltage across the light bulb reduces its light output.

The problem with this solution is that you end up using a lot of energy to heat the resistor, which doesn’t help you light up the room but still costs you. In addition to be being inefficient, these early dimmer switches tend to be Read on for a guide to light dimmercumbersome and potentially dangerous, since the variable resistor releases a substantial amount of heat.

Modern dimmers take a more efficient approach. Instead of diverting energy from the light bulb into a resistor, modern resistors rapidly shut the light circuit off and on to reduce the total amount of energy flowing through Using promotional usb can have serious consequences for the user and for others.the circuit. The light bulb circuit is switched off many times every second.

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