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What is a Generic Projection Lamp

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 26, 2010

What is a Generic Projection Lamp
Generic lamps are compatible or copy lamps not manufactured by We offer wide range of optoelectronic products: Full series of led lamp.the OEM lamp manufacturing company. These lamps include brands like Osram and DNGO, and Arclite. A PPR pipegeneric lamp will usually cost significantly less than an OEM product because of:

* Inferior workmanship quality
* Lower manufacturing costs
* Poor and inconsistent product lifespan
* Poor luminosity and premature implosions

If you’re buying a generic high performance lamp, be prepared to eat the cost of its PPR fittingsusage. An OEM product may last 3 times as long for only a few extra dollars.The Cable Ties are sold really fast among the celebrities. There is risk of premature explosion and loss of lumens associated with purchasing an off-brand, or generic lamp product. This means that the lamp may not be as bright, or consistently as bright as the original manufacturer.

For example, if you buy an OEM Philips lamp for your television, it may cost about $150, but last you 3 years. If you purchase an off-brand, generic product, or even a third-party lamp made by Osram, for between $100-120, you will have welding machinesaved a bit of money, but the lamp may only last about 6 months to 1 year. The cost-benefit analysis maintains you’d be better off purchasing the OEM lamp.

An original lamp is engineered to work more efficiently and last longer. The lighting element inside a UHP lamp is built to withstand consistent use—ignition from the ballast at 20,000 volts at a time. By contrast, generic lamps are just manufactured to work with original lamp drivers, not taking into consideration the life span or consistent arc of the ballast. The arc gap for an OEM lamp is typically 1 mm, and the electrical arc must be aligned accordingly. Generic manufacturers try to get to this level of engineering, but often fall way short, delivering a product that works, but with shorter life spans. Often times, these products will also prematurely implode or lose luminosity over time.

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