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Finding the ‘Jewel of Muscat’

Posted by: pprpipe on: July 5, 2010

Finding the ‘Jewel of Muscat’ I arrived in Muscat on a cool, sunny afternoon. As a first time visitor, I opted to stay on the sea-front Corniche to be close to the Gulf of Oman. As we took the winding road from the airport, I noticed the mountains were dotted with traditional houses, mostly painted [...]

Have you taken part in the yoga practice?

Posted by: pprpipe on: June 24, 2010

A practitioner is required to carefully select yoga accessories. The yoga accessories help to enhance the overall yoga practice and make a yoga session comfortable. Firstly, proper yoga clothing is an utmost necessity. A yoga apparel must be loose and comfortable enough so as to allow the practitioner to move his body parts freely while [...]

Experts Stub Out ‘Lite’ Cigarette Myth

Posted by: pprpipe on: June 13, 2010

Experts Stub Out ‘Lite’ Cigarette Myth Low-tar or ‘lite’ cigarettes impair blood flow through the heart just as much as normal cigarettes, experts have warned. Many smokers switch to cigarettes with low tar and low nicotine,penis enlargement believing they can reduce the risks. But, writing in the journal Heart, experts said they had studied comprehensively [...]